Stephen is an extremely bright and innovative lawyer who works hard to achieve the desired result for his clients. I highly recommend Stephen as a litigator and as a mediator.

Chip Holmes

I have known Steve for may years and he has consistently been diligent, well prepared and a strong advocate for his clients. At the same time he also has a keen sense of how a litigation matter is going and when to make the best choices for his clients to achieve their goals. As a fellow attorney Steve never lets the case or his clients interefere with his professionalism – a rare quality indeed.

Henry Pharr III

Stephen is a good trial attorney. He has a balanced approach–he is no nonsense and knowledgeable about the process. He is willing to fight for his clients, but is careful to advise the client to weigh the costs and risks of litigation against the possible outcome.

Phyllis W. Long

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Koehler. My experience with him was rewarding. He was recommended to me by a collegue and the situation was adequately addresssed. We have since worked on one more occasion which incidently, turned out well also.

Brian Velez

I’ve worked with Stephen and his firm on a couple of occasions over the years and have always found them to be top notch attorneys. Even though our firms are competitors as small firms with sophisticated business litigation practices, I have no problem endorsing Stephen and his firm as one of the few such outfits in the area with which tough cases can be entrusted.

William Bray

Working with Stephen was a joy! His easygoing personality belies his deep professionalism, level of knowledge and expertise, while making the efforts to a successful end product enjoyable.

Chris Bryant

Stephen and I have had the opportunity to get to know each other on friendship level as well as professional. I have a lot of confidence in his level of knowledge and expertise. Stephen is very well connect in the legal arena and can be trusted to make the right decision for his clients best interest. I can honestly say I can trust him with my children as well as my legal needs

Curtis Burk

Steve is an incredibly sharp attorney with extensive litigation experience.

Steve is consistently able to process complex issues and distill them into a more readily intelligible form, which is invaluable in communications with not only clients, but judges and juries as well. Additionally, Steve is able to utilize his intricate familiarity with the rules of procedure, both in NC courts and in federal courts, to advance his clients’ interests in ways that other attorneys might not have considered.

Importantly, Steve cares about those he represents, and this caring makes him a fierce advocate for his clients’ interests. Notably, however, despite his ability to identify with clients, Steve is able to remain objective in his legal analyses. This same objectivity also makes him an excellent, and fair, mediator.

Jeremy Doerre

Steve did a great job on a case with which I needed help. His work was timely and efficient. I give Steve a strong recommendation.

Edwin Turnage

I have worked with Stephen as opposing counsel in a lawsuit. He did a great job of representing his client in a zealous yet professional manner.

Russ Brinson